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 2018 Show

A  Salute to Love

Sweet Harmony Chorus 2018 Show

                                                                     Harmonize The World


Intro:  Welcome to A Salute to Love!  Our program tonight pays tribute to love and the many ways it touches our lives.  We begin by thanking all those who have brought music into our lives… the composers, lyricists, musicians, teachers, whose talents have enriched us. 

Thank You for the Music - No video available

Kojack used to say, “Who loves you baby?”   Well, we know who loved us first – our Lord! He is the one who gave us the beautiful gift of music and the voices we share tonight.   Thank you Lord for our talent. 

Hallelujah & Ain't a-that-a Good News


Psychologists will tell us that in order to love other people we need to first love our self.   Sometimes that ‘s not easy.  Many of us suffer from low self-esteem.   We may think that we are good cooks until our dishes to pass remain untouched at the condo social.   We may work out and think we are in shape, until that 24-year-old bombshell walks across the beach and our husbands turns their heads.  You have to work hard to keep your chin up.   Here’s a song about a lady who has no problem with that.   

Oh, Lord! It's Hard to be Humble


If we are really lucky, sometime and someplace we will meet that special someone, our true soul mate, and know the love that comes from commitment, caring and shared experiences.   We celebrate that love this month.   But the path of true love seldom runs straight.  Here are a few songs about its twists and turns and we’ll finish with one that tells us why the journey on this path is worthwhile. 

One Fine Day                                                                                            Lollipop


                                                         Aba Daba Honeymoon


Unchained Melody                                                                                You Raised Me Up


Whether they call you Grandpa or Poppy. Grandma or Nana, the love of a grandchild is something special. Our grandchildren are the future becoming real.   We smile at their antics and cherish their gigantic hugs and sticky kisses.   We love to play games with them, take care of them, read them bedtime stories and rock them to sleep. We easily forget how challenging parenting can be with midnight feedings, messy diapers, colic…. Of course, they are not being naughty… they’re just being cute. These songs remind us of the joys of being grandparents. 

The Naughty Lady of Shady Lane                                              The Lion Sleeps Tonight0jq0mW3M"]    [id="1Wmsp0CDyd8"]   

As Snow-Birds we have had the chance to travel through this great country, see its natural beauty and meet many wonderful people. It’s a very great place, a place we have built up with our labors, beautified with our efforts, and defended. It is a place we love.

This is My Country                                                                                      Battle Hymn of the Republic


In a few weeks we will again go our separate ways, returning to our summer homes. We’ll remember the great ladies we sang with and remember all the fun we had, the new friendships we made and the ladies we came to love. Thank you sisters in song for being in the chorus this year. Thank you, (audience) for letting us entertain you today (tonight).  

How We Sang Today

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